When Do I Get The Certificate

When Do I Get My Travel Certificate After The Test?

Sampling after 10:00 test answer with travel certificate the next day usually around 22.00. 

  • Gothenburg - Sampling before 10.00 results and travel certificate the same evening!

  • Stockholm- Sampling before 10.00 results and travel certificate the same evening!

  • Malmö - Sampling before 11:30 results and travel certificate the same evening!

The travel certificate is a pdf with a stamp and signature from a Swedish licensed doctor. We offer sampling for travel certificates on weekdays and weekends. The certificate itself is issued even if it is a weekend.

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What Does The Medical Certificate Contain?

The certificate is issued in English and contains the following information:

  • Full name (must match the name on the passport)

  • Passport number

  • Social security number (it is important that you ensure that you write the correct social security number when registering)

  • Address

  • Results of the PCR test

  • Time for sampling

  • Time of issue of the medical certificate

We base the certificates on the information you provide when booking. Therefore, check these an extra time so everything is correct.

Covid-19 Test For Travel Certificates At Carelab

No symptoms: You must be completely healthy and must not have any symptoms to take part in the service. If you have ongoing symptoms, we will not be able to help you due to the risk of infection.

  • As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring that the travel certificate we issue is valid and works for entry into the country and destination you are traveling to.

  • Check out the country's rules and check which countries require travel certificates via www.swedenabroad.se.

  • Requirement to present a valid Passport or national ID card at the visit.

  • You pay at the time of sampling. You can pay by card, we unfortunately do not have the opportunity to receive cash.